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Let Us Turn Our Experience Into Your Confi-Dance.

When Oleg Suvorov and Tatiana Pavlova first started dancing and working together over 20 years ago, they dreamed of one day opening their own ballroom dance studio, the kind where students would have so much fun that they would never want to leave. After many years of hard work and planning, Oleg and Tatiana’s dream came true.

The studio was founded in 2013 in Fountain Valley, California. It sits just across the city lines of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and Westminster in the heart of Orange County.

The name, dating back to 1996 literally means several few things:

  • You can learn and perform any dance in almost any form or style
  • You can physically dance ’til you drop
  • It is a state of mind where you will be able to recognize a dance in almost any song and dance at any opportunity

​​The studio features two spacious, air conditioned ballrooms, state-of-the-art floating hardwood dance floors, a superior sound system and, most importantly, highly knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining instructors!

DAYC is conveniently located off of the 405 freeway at Euclid/Ellis. There is plenty of parking. Come learn to dance on the biggest, non-obstructed, floating ballroom dance floors in Orange County!

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about 1 year
Salsa Bachata Merengue workshop
Join us for the afternoon of Salsa Bachata and Merengue!
Learn some sexy moves and rhythm of this popular dances!
Lunch will be served!
Only $30 p/person
about 1 year
Line dance class and Country night Party
Special Country night Party at DAYC!
At 7:00pm Linedance group class and 7:45 pm is the party!
First time visitors are only $5, returning $20 and member get in free.
about 1 year
Why we dance, what we like about it, and what is the best way to start?
The real reason why people dance will vary from person to person. Some
need to learn for a special event like a wedding or a corporate party, some
are going on a cruise, some are just tired of alway s having to turn down an
invitation. In any case, the initial reason only gets you to take the first step
of walking into a dance studio. By the way, according to all of our students,
that first step through the door is the hardest one.
Most of the students at first, think that learning to dance is gong to be
much harder than it really is. We always hear things like “I have got two left
feet” or “I have no rhythm” or “oh my god, it’s going to be so hard”. And
yet, all of them just like one are surprised with how easy and fun learning
their first steps was. Suddenly the “two left feet” are gone and the “luck of
rhythm” was not even there to begin with.
Now we enter the “beginner friendly dances” phase. This is where you get
to learn either the particular dance that you need for your special
occasion, or you get introduced to some Rumba and Salsa, Foxtrot and
Swing. And those of you that are in favor of country dancing some Country
2 Step. Those few dances form the foundation of the social dancing.
Following your first 3-5 lessons you are able to not only recognize those in
the tune that you are listening to, but also can get up and do a couple of
basic patterns in some of those dances.
This is where the sense of confidence and comfort starts kicking in. This is
where you are starting to feel so much more at ease with the idea of
dancing while others are watching. This is the time when you begin
enjoying some dances more than others.
Now you will be able to say, why is it that YOU like dancing in particular.
Whether it is:
• a light form of exercise,
• a nice way to spend some time with your significant other,
• an interesting way of meeting people and making new friends.
Suddenly, the list of reasons why you like dancing is becoming longer and
So, in order for YOU to find out YOUR reason for liking to dance, PLEASE
call us at 714.968.8810 to schedule your introductory private lesson. Did
we mention it is FREE?
Please don’t find your self-regretting not knowing the next time the
opportunity will present itself.
Just “Dance All You Can
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about 1 year
Champagne Guest Party!
Be our guest!
You are invited to a Line dance class and Champagne guest party!
about 1 year
Champagne Guest Party!
Be our guests!
We are invite you to give dancing a chance! See it for yourself how fun and easy dancing is!
We've herd all of the excuses! We specialize in: "two left feet", "no sense of rhythm", " luck of time or partner", "dancing is too hard". Please join us at 7:00 pm for a Line Dance Class and 7:45 pm it's a Party time! Try it! It's FREE. ... Read more
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