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The Free of Guilt Guarantee

The Black Bean is an ecologically driven restaurant that serves all-American favorites, animal-lover style. Their devotion to avoiding meat, dairy, egg, and overall animal cruelty has led them to revolutionize fast food into a set of fun, healthy, and kind recipes that will leave you wondering why you ever needed meat in the first place.


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about 1 year
Dessert @ Black Bean Is Off The Hook.
Don't miss the Almond butter & fig jam minis flash fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar & house-made vegan 'honey.'
about 1 year
Try The Milkshake W/Out The Moo!
Have you heard? The Black Bean produces completely plant based options for everyone to enjoy. That's right, it's completely vegan! Start your Monday off with a mooshake! Flavors come in Strawberry, V anilla or Chocolate. What great selections you have! Grab it at The Black Bean! ... Read more
over 1 year
Welcome to "The Black Bean"
The team, left to right, Kevin Weber, Hannah Ordaz, and Miguel Espino are happy to help you nourish your heart and body with food that will make your mouth water. Everything is made to order and prep ared right in front of you, to give you the best and freshest experience possible!

For more information on who we are, and to check out our extensive menu, visit our website,
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almost 2 years
The Black Bean is opening in Fountain Valley!
We are a plant based fast food restaurant in Fountain Valley. We are opening in January 2019 and are starting the hiring process now!!

We are looking to expand our team in preparation for a meteori c uprising in the fast food world.

This is our ground floor and we need intelligent, creative, upbeat individuals upon which to create a solid foundation. All positions will be filled starting with entry-level employees. Our company will always hire/promote from within; so as we grow, our employees inherently do the same!

Please email the following to :

- Name
- Number
- Email
- Available Start Date
- Current Employment Status
- Resume
- Cover Letter

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: $11.50 to $15.00 /hour
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11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Coming to the Fountain Valley community this December!
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